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Repent and Believe in God’s Grace (Nancy Miszczenski)

Have you ever been in a dry season….spiritually dry that is.  I’m in one now – which is kind of hard to admit I must say!  I have a ‘clog in my fountain’.  Let me explain…   Sunday morning (2 weeks ago) during worship, I saw a picture of a pond with green slimy stuff floating on the top.  Ewww.  I don’t like the thought of that at all.   I knew that there was a fountain in that pond…why wasn’t it flowing?  And then I realized it was clogged with ‘gunk’ – a not-so-elegant-but-I-know-you-know-what-I-mean word.  I wanted the fountain to flow again and be fresh living water (with none of the icky stuff on top).  Of course I did!  We all do.  But what I didn’t like even MORE was the whisper in my heart that this pond is me.  Stagnant.

I needed a plumber to have this filter unclogged.  I know His name and I called His number.  (My mom used to say God’s phone # is Jeremiah 33:3 – Call to me and I will answer and reveal to you wondrous secrets that you haven’t known.) But I kept getting a busy signal – and I was the one who was too busy.  I knew this but felt stuck…and therefore dry.  So I kept calling, knowing that my call would be answered.  And it was – this past Sunday.

Bob Riconda visited True Life Church last Sunday and brought an excellent word to us…most especially to me!  (although I’m quite sure there are several of you who feel the same way)  He began with this scripture:  Col. 2:6 – So live in Christ Jesus the Lord in the same way as you received him.”   Just the way you received Him.  Go back to the basics.  I felt like the V8 commercial – you know, the one where the weight lifter gets smacked in the head.  The basics.

Bob said:  It started with a person, it continues with a person.  Jesus.  None other but Him.  Basic truth – but truly the bottom-line truth.  Don’t get distracted by ‘the other stuff’, he continued.  But I have to get this done, and be part of that, and he’s counting on me and – and even though the stuff seems good, I’m too busy ‘doing’ and therefore I can’t have quality time to be with Jesus.  Get to know the person.  Jesus.  Again.

I was challenged to  identify unbelief, mis-beliefs or false beliefs.  Stop trusting SELF.  (Ouch)  Do I fully believe that God is who he says He is?

Checking myself, while listening to this sermon I identified with the question “What am I not believing about God?  Since I’ve been rooted and built up in him (Colossians 2:7), I don’t have anything to prove.  I’m already accepted.  No more tryouts, I’m already on the team!  (loved that analogy!)  Do I really believe God is in control? That He is good? That He looks out for my best interests?  That His grace is sufficient for me and that He knows what’s best for me.    A moment of repentance for unbelief, misbeliefs and possibly false beliefs left me with a lighter spirit and a bubble of joy.  Then I remembered that I truly do believe that He is good and He is truly powerful enough to free me.  (from me!!)  My filter was becoming unclogged.  And today?  Well, my fountain is overflowing with thankfulness for His grace that has freed me and will continue to free me.  It’s as basic as that.

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