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The Beginning of Healing from Resentment

The following prayer was given to us by Irene Ganz during our series on David’s Dark Days. It’s a prayer that reflects her journey of learning to forgive others and to surrender her resentment to him.

Knowing what many people in our church are dealing with right now, I thought it would be worth sharing it.


Lord, teach me never to judge others….

The mind of man is so delicate, and so complex, that only You can know it wholly. Teach me to show humility towards each human soul. Each mind is so different…actuated by such different motives…controlled by  such different sufferings…and influenced by such different circumstances…that only you can know how severe the conditions were that make up that personality.

Please teach me to leave the unraveling of the problems of that personality to You. Lord, because you said to forgive…I choose to forgive all those who have hurt me. I know that no wound will heal until I forgive the person who made that wound. I also know that I will remain in bondage to the person I resent, until such time as I am prepared to release that person, and hand over my resentment to You. 

I pray that you give everything that I want for myself to the one that I resent, so that I may be free of my resentment. I pray for their health, their wealth and their happiness. And Lord, even if in my heart I don’t feel that I mean what I am saying right now, please remind me to continue saying this prayer until I do. 

I pray that you help me, Lord, to put aside my feelings…and I will continue to say this prayer until all of my resentment and bitterness turn into beautiful feelings of compassion, understanding, and love. AMEN. 

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2 thoughts on “The Beginning of Healing from Resentment

  1. luckystrings on said:

    Beautiful Irene! Thanks for sharing – it’s such a good reminder that the people who hurt/irritate us are that way for a reason – and they are hopefully on their own journey of healing with God.

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