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Embrace Your Role (Chris Francis)

We have 60-something people signed up for a life group right now. 

That means that there is a lot of potential for discipleship to happen through authentic community. 

I say “potential” because it’s never a guarantee. Not even with great leaders. Not even with a great study. Discipleship and authentic community only happen when each person in the group embraces the role that they play.

So if you’re in a life group, YOU have a role to play in your group. Even if you’re brand new to this life group thing and think it’s weird. 

So I just want to encourage all 60-something of you to ask the Lord, “What’s Next? What’s my next step in my life group?” If you ask it sincerely, and patiently listen, I believe God will put something on your heart. 

It might be to:

– Get someone’s phone number (not just the leaders of the group)

– Invite someone from the group over for dinner

– Take a risk and share that part of your story that you are embarrassed about

– Admit that you don’t understand something in scripture that the group has been talking about

– Start praying regularly for someone in the group that rubs you the wrong way

– Invite your neighbor to join you at your life group

– Invite some people in your life group to join you for a neighborhood bbq

– Challenge someone about an unhealthy mindset that you’ve observed

– Confess a temptation that you battle regularly

– Stop talking so much and listen more. 

– Follow up with someone who’s been AWOL for a few weeks and make sure they’re okay (and then ask them to tell you the truth). 

– Support someone else’s passion by offering to help them act on an idea they have

You get the idea. 

God is at work in your life group —  forming deep authentic community, drawing people closer to himself, transforming hearts. And YOU get to be part of it. That is an awesome privilege. 

Embrace your role.

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