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The Joy of Feeling Insignificant (Chris Francis)

Every time I go into the ocean — particularly at night, as I did on Wednesday evening =- I am reminded about how big and mighty and powerful and glorious God is. And how small and insignificant I am all by myself.

So much of my Christian life has been about trying to do big & important things for God – and trying even harder to let other people know how important I am to God. And while it’s tempting, it’s not fun. Because we weren’t created to chase significance.

Now I know some of you are like, “That’s not true! We’re not insignificant! We’re all important! Each of us are very special and unique, like snowflakes.” And in a sense, I believe that. The Bible makes it clear that each of us have a role to play in God’s story, that each of us have unique gifts and purposes.

But that truth gets twisted by our sinful, prideful nature and we easily make our “special-ness” and “uniqueness” about ourselves. The purpose of snowflakes — and the sun, moon, stars and ocean, for that matter — is to point back to how beautiful and holy and glorious God is. Just like we wouldn’t look at the ocean and think, “Wow, that ocean did a good job in becoming awesome,” we also shouldn’t not look at ourselves and think, “Wow, I have become so awesome and important to God!”

So yes, the world desperately needs us.

It desperately needs us to reflect how significant & glorious God is.

That’s our purpose. That’s why Jesus saves and rescues and redeems us.  The Scriptures show us again and again how those who understood their insignificance were the ones used by God in significant ways.

The moments when we try to make it about our own significance are the moments that we actually stop fulfilling our most significant purpose — magnifying God’s significance. And those are also the moments, I believe, when we stop enjoying life.

Because there is joy in feeling insignificant.


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One thought on “The Joy of Feeling Insignificant (Chris Francis)

  1. Jess Otero on said:

    Wow that was really great!!! A really good reminder that is so important!!

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