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True Life Chronicles – Part 6

We say all the time that True Life church isn’t just about the Sunday services.  There are some ways that we GATHER (Sunday mornings, life groups, poker nights, spontaneous dinners) and there are many more ways that we SCATTER back out into the world to bring Christ’s love to various spheres of society (at our jobs, schools, and neighborhoods, etc.)

And to highlight the SCATTER aspect of it, I want to share a story that was emailed to me last week by a friend and fellow Alliance pastor who is also planting a church in Northern Jersey.

Check it out:


Part of my weekly schedule in this first year of church planting has me being intentional in my week about meeting the many Zacchaeus’ and Samaritan Women of our local community.  Sycamore trees and watering holes are all around.  God is calling me to spend time beside them.  I am currently in the process of joining the Hawthorne club of Rotary, Int’l.  It’s an international service organization represented in various towns across the country.  This past Wednesday at Rotary club I struck up a conversation with Manny.  He owns the big liquor store in town.  I told Manny about my appreciation for craft micro-brews, and the conversation began.  He was very intrigued I was a minister and asked if I was free the next morning to swing by his store and pub so he could give me a tour.  I told him I would see him at 9 a.m.
I showed up at 9 a.m. the next morning and Manny was glad to see me.  He gave me a tour of the store and pub (picture attached), and we talked a lot about various craft micro-brews.  Then he said to me…
“Curt, you seem like a very approachable kind of guy.  I grew up Roman Catholic but I no longer attend mass.  My wife met a friend a few years back and has been attending an evangelical Christian church from time to time with her friend.  We have a difficult time talking about issues of faith together.  Can I ask you some questions?”
We found ourselves starting to dive into conversation about family, faith and life.  And, he agreed to my request of stopping by his store each week so we can continue our conversation about our lives and Jesus.
Would you take a moment and pray for Manny and I?  Would you simply pray God would work in both of our hearts?  Thanks!



Now let’s all get back to our respective watering holes because the Manny’s are out there.

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