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True Life Chronicles – Part 4

I have read in many books a church-planting principle that goes something like thisUse Programs to build people, instead of using people to build programs.

I agree with this in theory. But in practice, it’s often more tempting to focus on programs because you can see the tangible progress of programs.

Programs are easier to control, easier to manage, and to be honest, often more rewarding — at least temporarily – than people are.

But people……well, you don’t always see the growth in people. You can’t always tell what is happening in their hearts. Progress is slow, it takes windy turns, and it’s often hidden beneath the surface for a while. And you sometimes don’t even know how to pray for people.

And yet, that’s what God has called us to. He said, “Make disciples” (Matthew 28:18-20).

Not discipleship programs.

And to make disciples, it requires relationships. Growing relationships that go deeper and deeper. And the deeper you go with someone, the more potential for conflict, confusion, and chaos with that person. And the more you have to apologize to them. 

I preach about this truth in sermons often. But I’m learning more and more that I don’t like it and have a tendency to avoid it.

I guess I’m a hypocrite in that way.


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One thought on “True Life Chronicles – Part 4

  1. Chris — be gentle with thyself:-) honest self-disclosure about resistance to a Biblical truth is a wonderful open door for God’s power to shine through our weak areas. (2Cor12:9). Hypocrites are not open or honest about their hypocrisy:-) I have found that being available is the key to allowing the Spirit to make the people connection that allows us “make disciples” with sincerity of heart from a pure motivation of love – folks know when you are serving them out of religious obligation. A pure & open heart is all we need to “make disciples” — God knows who needs what and when…….”let the eyes of our heart be enlightened” and “make disciples” will be a by-product!

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