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True Life Chronicles – Part 3

Well, a month ago I set out to write something every week about the new life of our church plant, and I failed already. I missed two weeks in a row.

But I have a good excuse — I didn’t feel like it. I was busy with day-to-day things, and I didn’t feel like stopping to think about what God is doing in our church. It didn’t seem too important.

And I think that’s something we all struggle with. We get so overwhelmed with the day-to-day tasks and problems, that we don’t stop to step back and ask God to show us the big picture. We even pray as if God is just taking our order, telling him what needs to be fixed and solved and taken care of. But we fail to stop and say, “Hey, wait a minute, God. What is going on today? What are YOU up to?”

Because he is always up to something. He is always at work, orchestrating and wooing and stirring and shaking and messing with things. Always. And I think he delights in us asking for a glimpse of it.

 Now granted, just because we ask doesn’t guarantee He will make things very plain and clear. But I think it’s at least good to ask the question and to wait for an answer.

For example, this past summer seemed to be an extra difficult season for quite a few married couples in our church (some have been dealing with on-going problems, and some were more short-lived conflicts).

And I’ve been praying for these couples based on whatever details I was told (some weeks this included my own marriage, especially in July).

But it wasn’t until Sunday night, after hearing from a few people within 24 hours, when I stopped and asked that question: “God, what’s going on? Are you up to something?”

And I started thinking about how we’ve been praying for the marriages at True Life since the beginning, and how marriages has always been a priority of ours. And then I started to wonder if God, in an answer to those prayers, has just been stirring things up. Like gold that is heated so that the impurities can come to the surface, perhaps that is what God is doing in these marriages right now — stirring things up, bringing out the ugly stuff and the fears and the bitterness that has been hidden deep down in our hearts. Perhaps this is a season of bringing it up so that it can all be addressed and confessed and healed and redeemed.

I don’t know.

But the point is, whatever you’re going through or dealing with, make a regular habit of picking your head up from your work, slowing down, pushing away from your busyness, and asking God, “What are you up to right now?” He may show you, and he may not. But at least you’ll be reminded that He is indeed up to something.

Because He always is.

And it’s always for the good “of those who love Him and are called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28).

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2 thoughts on “True Life Chronicles – Part 3

  1. So then…our marriage prayers ARE being answered….we just tend to think that if things get worse, then our prayers aren’t heard. But they are! There’s a song (co-written by Amy Grant and some other guy) called “Takes a Little Time”
    The 1st verse is:
    It takes a little time sometimes
    To get your feet back on the ground
    It takes a little time sometimes
    To get the titanic turned back around
    It takes a little time sometimes
    But baby you’re not going down
    It takes more than you’ve got right now
    Give it time

    When we pray for marriages – especially troubled ones – it’s like trying to turn a big ship around…it doesn’t (or can’t) happen FAST or it’ll flip over and sink!! You’re not going down…give it time. And that’s where we – the community – can help support you by listening, praying, etc. Let us know what’s up ~ so we can work together to turn the ship of your marriage around….it’s worth it for sure. I’m a witness 😉

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